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Kerttrade a minőségi műanyagok szakértője
Plastic trade, pmma, polycarbonate, pvc sheets, at promotional prices, directly from distributors stock.


Kerttrade - expert on quality plastics



We help you to find the proper product which possesses the required application properties. Our experienced sales staff will be happy to navigate you through the diverse world of plastics. If we have learnt your or your client’s ideas, we make a free and non-binding offer, which also contains delivery to the desired location. You can ask for advice both on the phone or per email. We will respond to your written request shortly or call you back.

Processing of plastics

The proper choice of the material is sometimes only half success, since getting plastic sheets, tubes, rods, blocks to their final shape, is a complex task. Different types of plastics require different workmanship. In this field Kerttrade Ltd. has nearly 30 years of experience to provide for the clients. Our machine portfolio and workshop can cope with the most extreme challenges because our team of experts contributes to the implementation as an added value. Without the need for completeness, we have the following machining processes at your disposal: cutting, laser cutting, milling, bending, edging, polishing, grinding, forming and gluing, bonding.


In our workshop we produce plastic machine elements, coverings, partition walls, fixtures, advertising elements, furniture and many kinds of unique products. In addition to on-site processing of plastics, with our own team we carry out complete neon signs, image and signalling elements, interior designs and room dividers. We also have our own locksmith and electrician workshop. Our team, specialized in implementation, gives you an offer for the execution of the project after the on-site survey, if necessary, which is free of charge and does not involve any obligation.

Delivery and logistics

With the nearly 30 years of experience behind us, with the best transport companies in the country, specialised for plastic products delivery, we guarantee you to reach any part of the country and deliver the ordered materials on spot, without any scratch on it. On our stock we even have 11 meters long polycarbonate sheets, for this we not only add technical support, but delivery, too. You can enjoy the advantages of this length for the covering of larger surfaces and you can work with less cut edge.

Parcel delivery service

As contracted partner of Hungary’s largest parcel service, we will deliver the materials, which are no longer than 2 meters, to you within 24-72 hours.


The website was created to serve as a compass for those, who are interested in plastic sheets, rods, tubes and all the belonging accessories. Our aim is to provide full and quality information about our products, so that the visitor should be able to navigate among the semi-finished plastics (which need further forming or processing), and also to allow shopping independently on the basis of the information obtained here.

Our website offers for basic functions:

  1. You can find our products categorized in the webshop. In case you know exactly what you are looking for we recommend you to start here.
  2. Without knowing the type of plastic, the product search recommends products for specific applications, with different material characteristics.
  3. In the downloadable guides you can find all the descriptions of the materials and with the help of these you can easily process, install our product, or you can get to know them easily. Do-it-yourself customers can have all the support they need, so their terrace covering, will be long lasting and will need less maintenance. The Installation manual for Makrolon multi UV shows step by step how polycarbonate sheets can be built in professionally, so we can easily get in the mood of roof covering. The 87-page installation guide gives detailed technical information, in which even professionals can find answers to almost all their questions.
  4. The most frequent fields of application for multiwall and solid polycarbonate or Plexiglas sheets are the construction of roofs, terrace coverings, winter gardens and car ports. After giving the type of material and specifying some basic dimensions, the roofing calculator prepares a complete offer. This saves lots of time for the user.

We recommend you following our special offers regularly, to be able to buy some of our products with considerable discount.

Naturally, everybody needs cut-to-size, unique sheets. For this reason our webshop optimizes the desired sizes on the basis of our standard size range, which you can put into your cart or if you are hesitating or need larger quantities, you can ask for a special unique offer.


The expertise available on the website has been gathered by our company throughout almost three decades. Kertrade was founded in 1992 as a Hungarian owned family company. Since the beginning we have been selling products from manufacturers with the longest history, such as: Plexiglas – PMMA, Makrolon – PC, Kömmerling – PVC and Dibond – ACP. During the years, we have been enriching our portfolio with many new products, maintaining high quality, but offering favourable prices.

Our site, with nearly 4.000 m2 warehouse capacity, was completed in the year 2000. The location is easily accessible from the southern part of the highway M0, it is to be found in Dunavarsány Industrial Park. In Hungary, traditionally we have one of the largest stocks of semi-finished plastic products in our warehouse, which stays at the disposal of our customers.

We have ISO 9001 certification since 2005.

Since 2015 our subsidiary is TZKY Design Ltd., being responsible for processing and implementation of plastics.

Our tradition is to work together with distribution partners all over the country and we place great emphasis on strengthening existing relationships, as well as creating new ones.

With such a background we can proudly say that we are experts on quality plastics!

The following products can be found in our offer:

  • transparent, coloured, textured and special (extruded and cast) PMMA sheets,
  • PMMA and PC tubes, rods, blocks,
  • PC solid sheets (for indoor use and UV protected),
  • PC multiwall sheets and installation accessories,
  • ESD protected (electrically conductive) PC sheets,
  • aPET, PET-G sheets,
  • HIPS sheets,
  • PVC (freefoam and solid) sheets,
  • PP sheets and rods,
  • PE, PE-HD, PE-HMW, PE-UHMW, PE-EL (electrically conductive) sheets and rods,
  • POM-C, POM-AS (antistatic) POM-ELS (electrically conductive) sheets and rods,
  • PA (extruded and cast),
  • ACP sheets.

We cut our products to size with our NC controlled precision cutting machine, if needed, we can offer solutions for further processing as well, such as: CNC milling, laser-cutting, bending, edge polishing, thermoforming, bonding, foiling on the surface of sheets. In case of building roofs, winter gardens, carports, terrace coverings, greenhouses and for other constructional tasks we offer a full service from design to execution.

Since the early 90s our company provides unique technical solutions and products for several significant construction investments, such as: covering of the track hall of the Eastern Railway Station, Tropicarium Budapest (aquariums), constructions and reconstruction works in the Budapest Zoo and Botanical garden (orangery), facade claddings of Lővér Winery in Sopron, facade covering of the BKK Budafok remise, translucent roofing of the Stadium Sóstó, including about the covering of the pedestrian pavement of the Budapest International airport. In addition to the numerous polycarbonate roofs, terraces, winter gardens and pool coverings we list some of our key references without including all of them. You can find our completed works, together with pictures, under the Gallery point.

  • Ilcsi beauty salon, Budapest, Attila street (custom designed indoor Plexiglas dividing walls)
  • József Attila memorial, Budapest, Gát street (custom designed, arched indoor Plexiglas walls)
  • Marketplace of the Újpalota market hall, Budapest, Nyírpalota street (polycarbonate coverings)
  • Pedestrian bridge of Dagály swimming pool, Budapest, Népfürdő street (Danpal Danpatherm K12 facade)
  • MNÁMK sports hall, Baja, Duna street (Danpal Danpatherm K7 facade)
  • Procter & Gamble, Gyöngyös (Plexiglas outdoor protecting walls)
  • Hall reconstruction of ÁTI-Sziget Industrial Park, Szigetszentmiklós (polycarbonate multiwall rooflights)
  • Vasas Stadium, Budapest, Fáy street (unique Plexiglas and metal signage and design elements)
  • Reconstruction of Classmann hall, Dunaújváros (Seplux multiwall polycarbonate wall coverings)
  • St. Anna mansion house, Győr, Mécs L. street (Danpal AirPT translucent facade)
  • Greenhaus, Felgyő (multiwall polycarbonate facade)
  • Grennhaus, Lébény (multiwall polycarbonate facade)
  • Gabroplus, Csolnok (Seplux multiwall polycarbonate wall facade)
  • Váci Greens Lobby, Budapest, Váci street (unique Design Composite wall covering and Plexiglas signage elements)
  • Planet Sushi Allee, Budapest, Október 23. street (unique plexi lamps and signage elements)
  • Selfie Museum, Budapest, Paulay Ede street (coloured Plexiglas wall coverings)
  • Railway overpasses, Körmend (multiwall polycarbonate coverage and solid polycarbonate protective walls)
  • SAP business center, Budapest (unique Design Composite dividing walls)
  • Haladás Stadium, Lounge area, Szombathely, Rohonci street (unique Plexiglas and glass dividing walls)
  • Design Award Exhibition, Budapest (polycarbonate installation)
  • Hopp Ferenc Museum, Budapest, Andrássy street (Plexiglas protective walls, showcases)

Our mission is to support the success of our Partners with our expertise and product portfolio. We believe that our continuous efforts enable us to supply quality and innovative products to our Customers on the long term. We hope that in the future we will be able to establish a fruitful cooperation also with You!

The team of Kerttrade Kft.