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Kerttrade a minőségi műanyagok szakértője
Plastic trade, pmma, polycarbonate, pvc sheets, at promotional prices, directly from distributors stock.


Kerttrade - experts on quality plastics

We developed the online shop with the purpose of serving as a compass in the fields of plastic sheets, rods, tubs and all the belonging accessories. We aim to provide full and quality information for those who are looking for a certain application of plastic material. The site allows easy navigation among the specific semi-finished materials (plastics which need further processing), and also enables the visitors to get along quickly and order online independently.

The website offers four basic functions:

  1. You can find our products categorized in the webshop, in case you know exactly what you are looking for, we recommend you to start here.
  2. Without knowing the exact type of plastic, the product search offers products for specific applications, with different material characteristics.
  3. We placed big amounts of reading under the guides page, from which we recommend the polycarbonate installation guide the most.
  4. One of the most common application area of multiwall and solid polycarbonate or PMMA sheets are the roofing of shelters, terraces, conservatories, car parks and swimming pools. Our roofing calculator supplies a detailed offer, after choosing the plastic type and typing in a few basic dimensions. If you plan such an application, definitely start here, this tool can save you lots of time.

Furthermore we recommend to check our special offers occasionally, so you can purchase our products with unique discounts.

Naturally everyone needs cut-to-size, unique plastic sheets, for this reason our webshop ideally optimizes the offered sizes based on our measure supply. You can put the selected items either to your cart or in case you are hesitating or demand larger quantities, request a unique offer and one of our colleagues will get back to you shortly.

We have accumulated the knowledge base which is available on the in more than two decades, since our Hungarian family owned company has been founded in 1992. Since the foundation we are distributing products of the most well-known manufacturers: Plexiglas – PMMA, Makrolon – polycarbonate and Kömmerling – PVC. Naturally during the years we have and we are also continuously enriching our portfolio, maintaining high quality standards but offering favourable prices.

In the year of 2000 we have finished the construction of our premises, the warehouse is easily accessible at the south side of Budapest at the M0 highway ring in the Dunavarsány Industrial Park. Since 2005 we possess ISO 9001 certification.

Historically we cooperate with distributors and re-sellers throughout the country; we also put great effort today to establish new partnerships and reinforce the existing ones.

With such a background we can proudly say that we are experts on quality plastics!

We have PMMA, PC, PET, HIPS, PVC, PP, PE, POM, PA, ACP and even more plastics in our portfolio, which we cut to size with our CNC controlled precision saw, or on request we offer further processing (bending, polishing, thermoforming, etc.) as well. In case of building projects such as conservatories, shelters, pool covers, skylights, etc. we offer our services from design to workmanship.

A few of our earlier references have been significant projects like the polycarbonate cover of the Eastern Railway Station in Budapest, the Plexiglas aquariums of the Budapest Tropicarium or the polycarbonate roofing of Budapest Zoo and Botanical gardens, moreover the Plexiglas material for the Sugar! Shop confectionery, the Plexiglas and Makrolon facades and covers of the Lővér Winery in Sopron and many others. In the signage industry we have also supplied the plastic material for the image changes of large banks. Our plastic specialties are popular among interior designers, they regularly contact us for unique solutions. To see pictures of our references please check the Gallery!

Since foundation our mission is to support the success of our Partners with our expertise and product portfolio. We believe that our continuous efforts enable us to supply quality and innovative products to our Customers on the long term. We hope that in the future we will be able to establish a fruitful cooperation also with You!

The team of Kerttrade Kft.