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Kerttrade a minőségi műanyagok szakértője
Plastic trade, pmma, polycarbonate, pvc sheets, at promotional prices, directly from distributors stock.


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Unique appereance, high quality acrylic (pmma) multiwall sheets with extreme high weather resistance. Plexiglas SDP sheets offers very good aging properties, very high transparency and long lasting glossy surface. The sheets are break resistant and they can be processed easily.
Fields of usage: patio roof | conservatory | porches | green houses

PLEXIGLAS® sdp Alltop

The PLEXIGLAS Alltop SDP 16 double-skin sheet is a light-transmitting, heat-insulating and very weather-resistant sheet made from acrylic (polymethylmethacrylate, PMMA).

Thickness: 16 mm
Colour: clear