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Kerttrade a minőségi műanyagok szakértője
Plastic trade, pmma, polycarbonate, pvc sheets, at promotional prices, directly from distributors stock.


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High Performance XENIOS Surface Technology from Evonik.
The transparent dissipative EUROPLEX ESD-Glazings out of high-grade polycarbonate are produced by applying Evonik’s advanced XENIOS Technology. Functional nanoparticles are distributed homogeneously in the overall coating matrix producing on both sides of the polycarbonate sheets a surface resistivity of 105-7 Ω/sq. Only the XENIOS coating provides the polycarbonate sheets with a permanent electrical dissipation capacity and therefore presents a significant value-added process.
EUROPLEX® SDX for planar installations has a highly-crossliked abrasion-proof and chemical resistant surface. In production and assembly applications, in which working safety and operational reliability as well as high quality requirements are of prime importance, EUROPLEX SDX dissipative glass guarantees an effective long term protection against static discharge events.
EUROPLEX SDX-F polycarbonate sheets are most suitable for warm forming to manufacture bended machine housings as well as angled covers of conveyor belts. The warm bending process makes high demands on the performance of a dissipative coating with respect to its thermal resistance and non-destructive tensile strength. EUROPLEX SDX-F meets these requirements of the industry at best.

Europlex SDX 88100

clear, ESD protected polycarbonate sheets

Thicknesses: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 mm
Colour: clear
Europlex SDX-F 88500

clear, thermoformable, ESD protected polycarbonate sheets

Thicknesses: 4, 5, 8 mm
Colour: clear