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PolyfiX FE61 cover profile

60 mm wide cover profile for PolyfiX L61 clamping profile

Areas of application
  • curved roofs
  • flat roofs
  • architecture
  • terrace covering
  • sawable
  • drillable
  • UV resistant
  • weatherproof
  • corrosion resistance

Further Products
PolyfiX FE60 fedő profil / 4000 mm

PolyfiX S10 sarok profil / 6000

PolyfiX S aluprofil

Aesthetic aluminum corner (90 deg.) profile for 10 and 16 mm thick sheets (2 parts)
PC U profil víztiszta 10 mm / 2100 mm

Polycarbonate U profile 10 mm

U profile made from clear polycarbonate. For 10 mm sheet thickness.
PolyfiX T10 végzáró profil / 6320

PolyfiX T10 alu U profile

Alu closure profile with water front for 10 mm thick plastic sheets. It protects the closing tapes against mechanical damages, and aesthetically closes the open edge of the multiwall polycarbonate sheets.
PolyfiX L60 leszorító profil / 6000

PolyfiX L60 clamping profile

60 mm wide alu clamping profile for the installation of plastic sheets.