The operator of internet website – PLASTIC ONLINE STOREHOUSE (or WEBSHOP) is the Kerttrade Ltd. (Seat: Hungary, 1037 Budapest, Domoszló lejtő 6.,  tax number: HU 10755309,  register number: 01-09-165995, telephone number of the customs service: +36-24-534-060), E-mail address:  in the following called „Seller”.

The Seller publishes the list of products in its internet catalogue, which can be found on the above website. The list of the products may not be full-scale. The prices and promotions on the website are valid in case of ordering in the webshop. Some products appear without prices on the website; these products cannot be ordered in the web shop. Ask for more information on our availabilities!

The Seller accepts the order only in case of successful registration, after the Buyer has entirely filled all the fields being necessary to the order. No responsibility falls on the Seller for losses coming from defective fulfilment caused by wrong data given by the Buyer.

After receiving the inquiry of the Buyer, the Seller confirms it electronically. If this confirmation does not arrive to the Buyer within 2 working days from the date of inquiry sent by the Buyer, the buying obligation of the Buyer ceases without any further consequences. The Seller is obliged to the fulfilment of the contract only in the case, if he confirmed the order. The contract comes into being with the confirmation arriving to the Buyer. The confirmation is not identical with the e-mail, sent automatically after ordering.

The Buyer declares, with the fact of sending the order, that he accepts the present General Conditions of Contract and acknowledges for him as obligatory.

The valid internet product catalogue found on the website contains the current prices of the products with and without taxes. When ordering the Buyer can choose from the following methods of payment:

  1. Payment on the site at the cashier /address: KERTTRADE Kft. works 2336 Dunavarsány-Erőspuszta, Dunavarsány-Ipari Park, road 51., km 25.,/ with cash or credit card.
  2. Remittance in advance (account number: Erste Bank Hungary Zrt. 11641003-04108300-41000003): in this case the Seller begins the fulfilment of the contract, the collecting of goods, if the amount remitted as purchasing price arrived to the bank account of the Seller. The purchasing price should arrive to the bank account of the Seller minimum within 1 banking day in advance of the date of the transport set in the order. If the Buyer choose the payment by remittance and fails to take over the products, they will be reserved for him by the Seller for 5 banking days after the delivery time confirmed.
  3. Payment by card:  Using card payment you can buy easily and safe in our webshop. After ordering the chosen goods, you will be directed to the web site of ERSTE Bank, where you can pay by your card through an encrypted transaction used by the Bank, which is considered to be the safest at present. The only thing, that our buyers have to do when choosing the payment method, is to click to the inscription  „payment by card”, then to give the number and validity of the card on the payment server of the Bank. K&H Bank accepts the following type of cards: VISA Classic, VISA Electron and Eurocard/MasterCard.
  4. Payment by COD (Collect On Delivery): in this case the place of payment is the delivery address given by the Buyer. The method of payment is always cash. The payment happens at the same time, as the acceptance of the goods. In case of payment by COD, the gross value of buying can not exceed the value stipulated in the menu „Choosing payment” on the web site

Cards issued exclusively for electronic usage will only be accepted in the case, when the issuing bank of the card allows the usage! Please inquire at your bank, if your card can be used for buying through internet.

After successful buying the ERSTE Bank issues an authorization number, which we suggest to note or to print the whole page. In case of unsuccessful transaction the ERSTE Bank sends a failure message giving the cause.

Only the partners can use the delayed payment, who are approved by the seller. You can get information on this at the availabilities of the Seller.

The Seller holds the right of the modification of all prices and allowances published in the PLASTIC ONLINE WEBSHOP, which comes into force with the appearance on the website. It means that the system counts the value of the basket always with the current prices. The modification of prices has no influence on the purchase price of products ordered and confirmed.

Until the full payment of purchase price, the seller keeps his right on the products. The ownership of the products passes to the Buyer with the arrival of the purchase price at the bank account of the Seller.

The buyer can overtake the products chosen and ordered at the time and on the place given in the confirmation and agreed with the Buyer electronic way. The costs of packing and delivery are to be borne by the Buyer.  The amount of these depends on the kind and quantity of product ordered; furthermore the means of transportation may vary in connection with the place of order. The costs of delivery include all the costs necessary to the transportation of products from the site of the Seller to the delivery address stipulated by the Buyer (e.g.: if entry permit is necessary, this should also be included).

Takeover on the site of the Seller

The goods can be taken over personally at the site of the Seller stipulated on the order – showing the printed confirmation of the order – from the time given in the confirmation. The Seller reserves the goods for the Buyer within 3 working days after the delivery time given in the order confirmation. The Seller is obliged to hand over the goods for the Buyer – with the exception of contracted partners – if the purchase price is fully paid by the Buyer.

Delivery to the Buyer

If the Buyer needs delivery, the Seller is ready to deliver the goods to the place given by the Buyer in the whole country.

The Buyer has to indicate his need for delivery on the website, choosing transport, at the time of giving the order. The Seller gives written information on the exact time of delivery of the stipulated day.

The delivery of goods ordered happens by the contracted transporting partners of the Seller. The delivery means for the Seller the method of transportation chosen by the Buyer with giving the order. Depending on the method of delivery the Seller ensures the loading personnel necessary to the handling of the goods, according to the rules stipulated in the code of labor referring to physical personnel. The Buyer has to pay the costs of delivery to the Seller. In case of remittance, delivery is only possible after the time, when the total purchase price and the costs of delivery arrived to the bank account of the Seller. The Seller has to inform the Buyer on the costs of delivery at the confirmation of the order.

The Seller can only meet the requirement of the Buyer for a specified day of delivery, if the Buyer fulfilled one of the conditions stipulated in point 4.

In case of unsuccessful delivery the transporter leaves a notice at the Buyer. After this the Buyer can ask for another delivery time at the Customs service of the Seller (phone: +36-24-534-060, e-mail: In case of unsuccessful delivery the Buyer has to pay all the costs arising in connection with transportation, including the costs of delivery back. The repeated delivery happens only after the payment of transportation costs there and back arisen with the unsuccessful delivery, as well as the new delivery costs.

Product control

At the time of delivery the Buyer is obliged to the itemized control of the package and in case of entire fulfilment to sign the delivery note. After this we cannot accept any complaints on deficiency.

When overtaking the products the Buyer has to make the quality control of the products immediately and inform the Seller on his eventual quality complaints in  written way, which has to be done in the form called official „Protocol of Complaint” of  KERTTRADE Kft.

When overtaking the products the Buyer has to check the quantity of the products. Quantity and quality complaints given after the handing and taking over of the goods are regarded invalid by the parties.

When the Buyer or his Representative overtakes the goods, all risks in connection with the goods are transferred to the Buyer. If the buyer makes his own transportation, all risks are transferred to him when overtaking the products on the site of the Seller. The Seller helps loading the buyer’s means of transportation, but all risks in connection with this have to be borne by the Buyer. Only those products can be handed over to the transporter charged by the Buyer, which were paid before loading the truck.

Legal rules on practicing desist from the given orders is contained by the government rule nr. 17/1999.(II.5).

After ordering, but before delivery the Buyer has the right to desist from the order. He should indicate this demand on electronic way to the e-mail address of the Customs service. (E-mail: In this case the Buyer doesn’t have to bear any costs.

Within 8 working days the Buyer can desist from the contract without giving any reason. He can exercise his right to desist from the day, he took over the product. In this case the Buyer bears all the costs arisen in connection with returning the product because of exercising his right for desist.

The Seller is obliged to refund the total purchase price only if the returned product is without any damage and the packaging is full. The Buyer has to bear the costs of damaged packaging.

In this case the Seller is obliged to refund the amount paid by the Buyer within 30 days after desist.

The stipulations of Ptk és Government rules nr. 151/2003. (IX.22.) are valid in case of assurance and warrant.

Warrant can only be validated in case of quality failure of the product.  The Buyer can submit his objections referring to internet ordering, delivery and packaging at the Customs Service as a complaint according to the stipulations of point 10.

In this case the Seller is obliged to refund the amount paid by the Buyer within 30 days.


The Seller is not responsible for any damage caused because of joining PLASTIC ONLINE WEBSHOP. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to protect his data stored at his computer against intruders. Only the Buyer is responsible for joining the PLASTIC ONLINE WEBSHOP and for buying on the website of PLASTIC ONLINE WEBSHOP.

In connection with all personal data given by the Buyer in course of ordering, the Seller acts in accordance with the law LXIII from 1992. on the protection of personal data and publicity of data of general interest.

Your data will be treated confidentially and not forwarded to any third party. Except if it is necessary to the fulfilment of the contract (eg. post, courier service).  Our staff, our partners and suppliers fall under strict confidence towards us.

With supplying data, in the lack of pronounced protest, the Buyer consents to get electronic information on campaigns. The registered Buyer can inform the Customs Service that he doesn’t need this service.

The Seller cannot hand out the data, which he learnt and handled to third party, except from sub undertakers necessary to the fulfilment of orders and data processing companies charged by the Seller. The Seller has the right to give out the data definitely necessary to the proper delivery of products (name, delivery address, telephone) to contracted sub undertakers.

The Buyer acknowledges that he has the right to withdraw or modify his consent to data handling at any time in written form, furthermore he can ask to correct or delete his personal data (e-mail:


The Buyer can give his complaint orally or literally to the Seller.

The Buyer can give his oral complaint on the telephone number +36-24-534-06 of the Seller, or personally at the Customs Service of the Seller under the address of 2336 Dunavarsány-Erőspuszta. Oral complaint should be treated immediately.

Giving complaints in written form the Buyer can use the attested Book of Buyers found at the Customs Service or he can send an e-mail to the e-mail address

With the confirmation of all orders given on the PLASTIC ONLINE WEBSHOP the Buyer confirms at the same time the acceptance of the updated General Conditions of Contract.

The site and selling point of KERTTRADE Kft.:

2336 Dunavarsány-Erőspuszta      Dunavarsány Industrial Park

The Seller is free to modify the present General Conditions of Contract. Any modification comes into force when the text of the modification appears on the website.

In the case if the visitor hurts the rules of the General Conditions of Contract in any form, the Seller can freely declare the registration or purchase of the Buyer invalid.

The contracting parties do everything to settle all disputes with talks. If it is not possible the contracting parties stipulate the jurisdiction of the Central District Court of Pest or the Court of the Capital depending on the value limit.

In questions not regulated in the present description the proper law of contract is: Ptk. 17/1999. (II.5). government regulation and law CVIII. 2001.

Budapest, 15th of April 2014